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          Boso Abi-System 100


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          Selection: ABI-System 100 inkl. Option Pulswellen-Geschwindigkeit und Klettenmanschetten

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          Boso Abi-System 100

          The Boso ABI-System enables simultaneous measuring of systolic blood-pressure on all four extremities, which can be performed by doctor or assistant. Fluctuations in the individual measurement-duration are reduced to a minimum through the intelligent pump-system and regulation of release-speed.

          • For determination of PAD (peripheral arterial disease)
          • simple operation

          The innovative method of the Boso-ABI System 100 enables wide application of ABI-determination in the doctor's office, because examination can be performed in few minutes without special preparation. Doctor and patient profit from this performance, which enables precise diagnoses and early specific treatment.

          The calculation of the ankle-brachial index (ABI) occurs through simultaneous measurements on all four extremities with the new Boso-ABI System 100, and is very precise and reliable. The previous ultrasonic-Doppler method always has the disadvantage that the measurements occur sequentially, and thus blood-pressure fluctuations can be distorted. Additionally, the previous method with the Doppler-probe required much skill and experience, and examination could therefore often only performed exclusively by a doctor. The Boso-ABI System 100 can be used independently by the doctor's assistant.

          After measuring, the values are transmitted via a USB-port to a PC, where the application-software automatically calculates the ABI. The Boso-ABI-Software also has a data-bank with patient-administration function, graphic depiction of measurements and a GDT-port for transmission to the doctor's office IT.

          Delivery includes

          • 1 gauge
          • 1 power unit
          • 1 USB-cable
          • 1 CD with ABI-software
          System requirements for software operation
          • 64 MB RAM
          • graphic-card
          • 20 MB free hard-memory
          • USB-port
          • Microsoft WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS Vista, WINDOWS 7

          Further information

          Customer assessment ⦁ Boso Abi-System 100

          - 8 Jun 2017