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          Fixing plaster made of acetate silk with a polyacrylate adhesive

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          Fixing plaster made of white, artifical silk taffeta. Extremely resistive and has excellent tensile strength. Hypoallergenic and latex-free. Whenever possible, roll plasters should be selected based on skin type and the intended use. Leukosilk's characteristics make it useful for many applications, particularly for patients with sensitive skin.

          Leukosilk is a non-reactive, white fixing plaster that is easy to write on. It is friendly to the skin and leaves no residue when removed. It can be torn lengthwise by hand. It will stick immediately and has lasting sticking power.

          Leukosilk consists of an acetate carrier layered with an acrylate adhesive.

          For fixing bandages of all sorts and sizes and to immobilize tubes, catheters, probes and canulas.

          • with polyacrylate adhesive
          • latex-free
          • breathable, with excellent adhesive strength
          • can be torn by hand and is writable
          • for sensitive skin

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          Customer assessment ⦁ Leukosilk

          - 16 Aug 2013

          ich habe den Artikel:BSN Leukosilk 2,50 cm x 9,2 m, weiß bestellt, einem Fixierpflaster aus Acetatseide mit Polyacrylat-Kleber.
          Gute Qualität, meines Erachtens nur zu empfehlen