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          TM-2430 PC2 Long-term Sphygmomanometer

          24 hr blood-pressure gauge

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          Package: 1 piece(s)
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          TM-2430 PC2 Long-term Sphygmomanometer from boso

          With the 24-hour blood-pressure gauge Boso-TM-2430 PC2, you decided on a blood-pressure computer of the latest technology.

          The device was designed specifically for 24-hour measurements, and works on the oscillometric measuring principle. Here, the pressure-fluctuations caused by pulse-waves and transmitted by the cuff (oscillations), are stored and evaluated by the micro-processor.

          The big benefit of this measuring method is that no microphone is necessary, on whose exact positioning the accuracy of the measurements is largely dependent.

          This blood-pressure gauge conforms to the European norms, based on the Medicine Product Laws, as well as Europanorm 1060, Part 1: "Non-invasive blood-pressure gauges - Common requirements" and Part 3: "Supplemental Requirements for electro-mechanical blood-pressure measuring-systems". The measuring-technical control - at least every two years - can be performed either through the manufacturer or through automated maintenance services, in accordance with the Medical Product-Operator Regulations.

          • network-compatible with GDT-port
          • small recorder 100 x 80 x 27 mm, 220 g
          • with many accessories
          Delivery includes:
          • 24-hour blood-pressure gauge TM-2430 PC2
          • transport-case
          • battery-charger
          • two battery-packs with three batteries each
          • cuff for adults (standard/washable)
          • hip-pocket with removable carrying strap and belt
          • user instructions for: TM-2430 PC2
          • battery-charger
          • profile-manager
          • CD-ROM Boso profile-manager
          • PC-connection-cable

          Product:Blood-pressure gauge for 24-hour measuring
          Type-designation:Boso-TM-2430 PC2
          Nominal voltage:3 x 1,2 V DC
          Power supply:3x NiMh-re-chargeable batteries (Mignon)
          Classification:Defibrillation-protected device type BF
          Measuring range:40 - 280 mmHg 30 - 200 pulse/min
          Accuracy:Pressure-display ±3 mmHg, pulse ±5 %
          Operating conditions:a+10 °C to +40 °C, 20-85 % rel. humidity
          Storage conditions:-20 °C to +70 °C, 20 - 85 % rel. humidity
          Weight:220 gram
          Measurements (W x H x D):72 mm x 27 mm x 100 mm
          Model series: TM-2430
          Type of device: humeral blood pressure monitor