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          Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200

          electronic stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction and Bluetooth technology

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          Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200

          The electronic stethoscope Littmann Model 3200 has all the same features as the Model 3100 (e.g. Ambient Noise Reduction, Frictional Noise Reduction, sound sensor), plus the additional Bluetooth-technology which you can use to record, save, replay and visualize heart- or lung sounds as phonocardiograms. With this Bluetooth function you can transfer the collected data and recorded sounds easily to your PC for future analysis (also possible to replay in half speed). Additionally the user interface was completely redesigned.

          The Ambient Noise Reduction technology helps reduce disturbing extraneous noises by about 85%. Littmann's Frictional Noise Reduction technology, another feature of the 3200 model, additionally reduces disturbing frictional noises. Compared to the 3100 model, the 3200 model has an "extended range". That means the auscultation is possible in the frequency range of 20 to 1000 Hz, because the traditional diaphragm mode (100 - 500 Hz) and the funnel mode (20 - 200 Hz) are combined and extended.

          Electronic stethoscopes amplify sounds by a factor of up to 24 and thus achieve a far better performance than even the best acoustic stethoscopes.

          • LCD Display with background lighting for auscultation in dark rooms or at night
          • improved ANR (Ambient Noise Reduction)
          • Frictional Noise Reduction technology to reduce disturbing frictional noises
          • State-of-the-Art sound sensor: The sound experience is comparable to that of ultra-modern mechanical cardiology stethoscopes
          • easy switching between funnel and diaphragm function, as well as easy controlling of volume control and backlight
          • Auto-on-feature: No time-consuming waiting period before an auscultation
          • incl. non-chill rim for comfortable patient auscultation
          • simple handling
          • latex-free
          • 24-fold amplification of vital signs compared to the best acoustic stethoscopes

          Technical details

          • Display: LCD
          • Weight of stethoscope: 188,5 g
          • Single-tube

          Scope of delivery:

          • 1 electronic stethoscope Littmann model 3100

          More Information on 3M Littmann stethoscopes

          The top quality manufacturer Littmann is the worldwide market leader for reliable auscultation. For 40 years, 3M Littmann stethoscopes have been allowing for trustworthy and accurate diagnoses due to their innovative and continually developing technology.

          The latest technology in combination with a classic design are key features of all stethoscope models produced by the Littmann company, which is part of the U.S. 3M group. All 3M Littmann stethoscopes (apart from the electronic models 3M Littmann 4100WS and 3000 as well as the pediatric stethoscopes) are equipped with a sophisticated dual frequency diaphragm. Another stethoscope standard which is offered is a single-tube system and soft eartips for most comfortable and efficient use.

          Please note: Especially on the internet you will find more and more copies of 3M Littmann stethoscopes, however lacking their quality and reliability. In order to avoid disappointment or even damage by those cheap imitations please refer to an authorized 3M Littmann dealer such as DocCheck Shop when purchasing your stethoscope.

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          Customer assessment ⦁ Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200

          - 13 May 2018

          Habe 2elektronsiche Littmann-Stethoskope. Ich benötige sie als Hausärztin zur Verstärkung bei bestehendem einseitigem Hörfehler. Hierbei sind sie wirklich sehr nützlich. Bei beiden...

          - 14 Nov 2012

          Ganz neues "Abhörgefühl". Macht unglaublich Spass damit zu arbeiten. Bedienung sehr einfach und leicht. Mit der Software konnte ich noch nicht, aus Zeitgründen!, arbeiten, freue mich aber...

          - 11 Apr 2011

          Sehr gutes Stethoskop, insbesondere die Verstärkung erlaubt es, auch sehr leise Geräusche gut hörbar zu machen. Die Bluetooth-Verbindung zum PC ist stabil und die Software einfach zu...

          - 3 Apr 2011

          Genau so sollte ein modernes Stethoskop sein. Es verstärkt sehr gut und ist sehr einfach zu bedienen. Ebenso macht die digitale Aufzeichnung der abgehörten Geräusche Spaß. Die Software...