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          Book of Color Charts, Velhagen-type


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          Book of Color Charts, Velhagen-type from MEDI-LEARN

          These are color charts with standardized color pictures used in eye care and diagnosis of color vision defects, e.g., red-green color vision deficiency.

          • tests for red-green defect
          • in book format, with 23 tables and transparency gray test


          Numbers and letters appear over a patterned background in a variety of contrasting colors. While the individual color values of the figures differ from the background, they share the same degree of brightness. That means the pictures can only be recognized by their color and not by how strongly the reflect the light.

          If color vision deficiency exists in the patient, individual figures will not be recognized or else they are misperceived as different kinds of objects because of the way the patterns are designed to mislead.

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          - 11 Sep 2017

          - 1 Oct 2016

          Es ist ein sehr gutes Buch und ideal für den Praxis Alltag.
          Leider sind auf der DocCheck Seite Ishihara Tafeln abgebildet, welche in dem Buch nicht enthalten sind. Daher hat es bei mir zu...