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          Hartmann Stülpa

          Roll of seamless knitted bandage in various tube widths

          Order number: 175523
          Package: 15 m

          Size: 0 R (toes, children's fingers)

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          Hartmann Stülpa from HARTMANN

          Stülpa is a seamlessly knitted tube bandage with high length- and width-wise elasticity, which has been proven not only for very durable bandage fixations: the material is especially ideal for under- and over-layers in zinc-glue bandages and casts, for immobilizing bandages, or also extension bandages.

          • for self-application
          • 15 m long when stretched
          • of 70 % viscose and 30 % cotton
          • easy to apply without aids
          • can be severed at any place, without causing runs

          Stülpa bandages can be applied quickly and easily without any aids, due to their high stretchability.

          They conform wrinkle-free to all body parts without sliding and constricting. Joint movement is not hindered.

          Stülpa-bandages, in contrast to wrapping bandages, has a connected surface. Therefore they do not loosen, even with mechanical stress. Wounds and sensitive skin areas are reliably protected.

          Stülpa consist of 70 % viscose and 30 % cotton, and is therefore pleasant to wear, absorbent, breathable and sterilizable (steam A 134 °C).

          Stülpa can be severed at any place, without causing runs.

          Stülpa-tubes are available in nine sizes from 1,5 to 24 cm tube-width. Stülpa is also available ready-to-use for the most common bandage-needs.


          • for fixation bandages of all kinds
          • for immobilizing bandages and extension bandages
          • as under- and over-layer for zinc-glue bandages and casts, as well as skin-guard under compression bandages
          • as back-pack bandage also in padded form; for covering of splints and gauze-pads
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