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          Glove Holster

          gloves always handy with the glove holster

          Glove Holster
          Order number: 100608.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 10 x 8 cm, black

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          Glove Holster from DocCheck

          The DocCheck glove holster is ideal for ambulance service, emergency medical service, police and security service, but even welcome in the home visit. 2 pairs of gloves fit easily into the glove holder, which can be easily attached to the belt. This way 2 pairs of disposable gloves are always at hand.

          • Glove pouch for the belt 8 x 10 cm
          • perfectly suitable for security, ambulance, emergency doctor, fire department and police
          • Space for 2 pairs of disposable gloves
          • robust nylon fabric: durable and hard-wearing

          The DocCheck glove holster: gloves always ready to hand

          Glove holsters from DocCheck make emergency response more systematic and enable faster procedures so that lives can be saved. We are all familiar with this situation: We wear functional service clothing with a multitude of pockets - and yet: Often these pockets are not even remotely sufficient. With the DocCheck glove holster, help can be given where help is needed - without wasting seconds, possibly even minutes, looking for gloves. So they are conveniently attached to your belt - and thus at hand when you come into contact with bloody, dirty, dangerous work areas. The DocCheck glove holster is made of strong and protective nylon. Because this means you always have gloves available and always find them in the same place - in the glove holster, right at your hip - work procedures can be internalized and reaching to your side works almost reflexively.

          And: Not only gloves, but also other possibly vital accessories can be safely, easily and incidentally transported in the holster.

          Scope of delivery

          • Holster for gloves and small accessories
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