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OpSite Post-op Film Bandage

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Sterile,waterproof and highly breathable film bandage

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Art. No.: 153101-super
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This postoperative wound dressing combines the virtues of OpSite film with an absorptive wound pad. That makes it an outstanding dressing for a variety of wounds.

  • lessens moisture build-up
  • requires fewer dressing changes
  • non-stick wound pad
  • transparent OpSite film
  • easy to apply
  • low-stick, absorbent wound pad
  • water- and germ-proof


OpSite Post-Op film is reliably waterproof. Showering as well as therapeutic baths are also possible anytime, without water or bacteria impinging on the wound's healing process.

Barrier against bacteria

OpSite Post-Op film presents a barrier against bacteria, also against MRSA spores, to reduce the risk of secondary infections.

Breathable film

The high permeability to water vapor allows the wound and surrounding skin to breathe, reducing the danger of skin maceration setting in. The hypoallergenic adhesive reduces the risk of skin irritations and enables the bandage to sit well even on problematic body contours.

Transparent film

The transparent film allows observation of the extent of fluid build-up by the user and examination of the area around the wound for infections, without having to remove the dressing. This lets the dressing be worn for very long durations.

Absorbent, low-stick wound pad

The thick wound pad possesses a high exsudate wicking capacity. The number of dressing changes can be reduced to a minium as a result and the wound protected against further trauma. The low-stick wound pad lets itself be lifted during dressing change without traumatizing the wound again.

Conforming fit

OpSite Post-Op conforms very well, even to problematic body contours. The film's high elasticity permits high freedom of movement, making the bandage comfortable for the patient. The dressing's unique peel-off tape carrier stabilizes the film and makes it easy to apply.

Areas of use

Used to care for post-operative wounds, accident wounds, small cuts and lacerations.

Manufacturer : Smith + Nephew

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