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PARI NaCl Inhalant Solution Sodium chloride inhalant solution

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Pari Year Packs Convenient nebulizer kit for annual servicing

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Pari TurboBoy S Inhalation device for the lower bronchial passages

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PARI MONTESOL Nasenspülung Nasal rinse with natural brine and dexpanthenol

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MONTESOL Nasal Rinse by Pari

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The nasal mucosa's self-cleaning function often cannot cope with the increasing pollution of breathed-in air by soot, dust, suspended particles and allergens, like grass- and flower pollen.

This can lead to colds and allergies.

Once- or twice-daily flushing with the PARI MONTESOL nasal douche and PARI MONTESOL nose rinse solution will flush secretions and mucus out of the nose and moisten the nasal mucosa. It helps restore the cleansed nasal mucosa's natural functions. Allergens are flushed out, local infections are alleviated, blood circulation is stimulated.

Regular nasal douching have been shown to relieve dry noses and heavy encrustations following operations in the nasal region. Users rate the effect of nasal douching as quite pleasant and a handy treatment.

Manufacturer : Pari

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