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BBraun Softa-Man Hand Disinfectant

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hand disinfectant for normal to dry skin

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Art. No.: 125020-super

Softa-Man has a wide effectiveness range and is an especially skin-friendly hand-disinfectant without dyes and remanence-agents.

  • very skin-friendly
  • DGHM- and RKI-listed
  • care-components support regeneration of the water-lipid coating of the skin
  • comprehensive effectiveness range: bactericidal (incl. TbB, MRSA), fungicidal, limited virucidal (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, adeno-, herpes simplex, vaccinia, noro- and rotavirus)
  • dermatologically tested

Action method
The effectiveness range of the active components, the alcohols ethanol and 1-propane, includes gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, incl. myco-bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Alcohols are also effective against antibiotica-resistant strains of bacteria (i.e. MRSA). The effect against bacteria-spores is incomplete. The anti-microbial effect of the alcohols stems most likely from the de-naturizing of proteins. The effect is barely lowered in presence of blood, protein, serum or other organic compounds. Alcohols exhibit much less anti-microbial effect in an anhydrous condition, than in dilutions. The optimal effect in the alcohols is at 60 - 90 % v/v (approx. 50 - 70 % m/v). In mixtures, the alcohols ethanol and 1-propane act like additives, meaning the total concentration of alcohols determines the effectiveness of the mixture.

Effectiveness of Softa-Man

Softa-Man contains 45 % m/v ethanol and 18 % m/v 1-propane (63 % m/v total alcohol content). The following effects have been proven for his pharmaceutical product:

Effectiveness range

Bacteria (includes myco-bacteria), fungi, as well as enveloped viruses (Classification: "limited virucidal")* and rotavirus.

Transient skin-flora (hygienic hand-disinfectant)

In artificial contamination, Softa-Man reaches the germ-reduction on the skin required for rub-in processes, according to EN 1500, within 15 seconds. Because of current recommendations for hygienic hand-disinfection, however, a reaction time of 30 seconds should be observed.

Resident skin-flora (surgical hand-disinfection)

Softa-Man meets the requirements of the EN 12791 after 60 seconds. After this reaction time, the resident (natural) skin-flora is visibly reduced for a time frame of 3 hours.

Effect against viruses

Softa-Man inactivates the test viruses BVDV (surrogate virus for Hepatitis-C virus) and vaccinia-virus in in-vitro tests within 30 seconds. The results, based on current knowledge, lead to the conclusion of effectiveness against other enveloped viruses, i.e. HBV and HIV. The un-enveloped rotavirus is also inactivated within 30 seconds through Softa-Man in in-vitro tests.


  • hygienic hand-disinfection
  • surgical hand-disinfection

Manufacturer : BBraun

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