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schülke gigasept FF (neu)

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Instrument-Cleaning Brush plastic cleaning-brush for instruments of all kinds

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Laboratory- and Household-Gloves latex laboratory gloves

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Safety glasses Safety glasses with special scratch-resistant coating

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Bode Instrument-Pan pan for professional instrument-preparation

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Bode Korsolex extra aldehyde-free instrument-disinfectant

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Ecolab Eltra 40 Disinfectant detergent washes clean and disinfects

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BBraun Meliseptol Foam pure disinfecting foam cleaner with low alcohol content

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combined aldehyde-free disinfection

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For manual disinfection and disinfecting pre-cleaning of surgical instruments and sensitive equipment. Especially suited for thermo-labile and thermo-stable endoscopes (flexible and rigid), as well as ultrasonic probes.

Application instructions

Do not combine with a chemo-thermal process based on quaternary ammonium-compounds or amines. Here, i.e. aldehydic products are preferred. Aside from manual endoscope- and instrument preparation, Gigasept FF is also suited for semi- and fully automatic devices, which work via circulation-processes at room temperature.

Application methods

Ensure complete wetting and bubble-free filling of equipment to be prepared. After reaction-time, rinse thoroughly with water of a quality suitable for the further application of the equipment/instruments (i.e. sterile water). In this manner, undesired interactions and effects in further manual or mechanical preparation, are avoided.
  • for thermo-labile instruments
  • for endoscopes, ultrasonic probes etc.
  • aldehyde- and phenol-free
  • effectiveness range: bactericidal, limited virucidal (HBV/HIV), fungicidal, sporicidal
  • service-life of solution: 16 days
  • suited for ultrasonic baths

Manufacturer : Schülke & Mayr

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