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Melag MELAtherm 10

2.5 Ø (2)
Melag Stainless Steel Cover For the Melatherm 10

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from 197,90 € (net)

Base Cabinet for Melag Melatherm 10 Base cabinet for Melatherm 10

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Melag Melaseal Pro Sealing Device flow-through sealing device, validateable

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Melag Melatronic EN standard autoclave of the Class EN 13060

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Melag Stainless Steel Cover For the Melatherm 10

from 235,50 € (gross)
from 197,90 € (net)

Melag Hot Air Sterilizer 75 Melag 75 hot air sterilizer / 650 W

from 591,43 € (gross)
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thermo-disinfector incl. drying

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Art. No.: 294394-super

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A few years ago the need for a systemic solution for the complete instrument preparation in one step arose. For this demand, the IDS 2009 introduces the cleaning- and disinfection-device (CDD) Melatherm.

Melatherm meets demands of many doctor and dental offices for a norm-conforming cleaning- and disinfection-device with optimized interior and exterior measurements, as well as the ease of operation known from an autoclave.

The washing-chamber of the Melatherm is conceived for offices that don't prepare large amounts of instruments, yet don't want to compromise on working times, preparation quality, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In the serially delivered base-frame, up to 6 wash- or strain-tubs, or a multitude of hand-instruments, can find space in special insert-baskets. Simultaneously, up to 11 instruments with hollow areas (i.e. cannulas, hoses, transmission instruments), can be hygienically cleaned and disinfected inside and out via the injector-rail.

Melatherm fits in existing cabinet-rows, without the need to create additional space for dosing devices, cleaning agents and/or drying-modules.

The active drying ensures long-range value-retention of high-quality instruments and protects them from corrosion. Furthermore, removal of the instruments through assistants after disinfection and cleaning requires absolute dryness as protection from re-contamination.

In the drawer below the washing-chamber, the processing-agents are kept in two 5-liter and one 1-liter container. An external dosing-module or a separate agent-cabinet is not needed.

Optionally available is a base-cabinet on which the Melatherm can be mounted. Thus, especially ergonomic operation and loading of the Melatherm is possible, additionally, the base cabinet offers storage space for containers (i.e. cleaners, neutralizing agent, etc.), as well as for Melatherm accessories.

With Melatherm all demands for routine operational testing and validation are quickly and cost-effectively realized, because Melatherm meets the strict requirements of the EN 15883 for cleaning- and disinfection-devices in all points.

The legally required documentation of the program-data occurs easily through the integrated port (RJ 45). This way data can be stored directly in the office network. Display of protocols can be handled with the documentation software Melaview or Melasoft.
Storing of the data on the Melaflash CF-Card is also possible. With the Melaflash Card-Reader the sterilization protocols can be read at any PC.

  • conforms to Europa-Norm EN 15883
  • short operation time, simple handling
  • with 4 programs and digital display with active drying
  • thermal disinfection at 93 °C with 10 min. effect
  • with integrated water-softener
  • power supply: 3N AC-400 Volt (9,3 KW)
  • documentation possible via network connection, PC or with integrated memory-card writer
  • with integrated dosing-module for liquid cleaners, neutralizer and rinsing agent. Dosing and fill-level are monitored electronically.

Technical data:

Bottom-Unit Cabinet-Unit
Exterior measurements:
(W x H x D in cm)
60 x 82 x 68 60 x 124 x 68
(W x H x D in cm)
46,5 x 40,5 x 45
Weight 79 Kg 106 Kg
Power Supply 3 N AC 400 V, 50 Hz, 3x16
Max. Capacity 9,3kW

Manufacturer : Melag

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