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UrgoCell Contact/Heel Contact

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Hartmann Sorbalgon calcium-alginate wound dressing free of active agents

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Urgotul Wound Dressing Sterile, non-stick, non-occlusive and non-greasy mesh dressing

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foam wound dressing, gently adhesive

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Art. No.: 158996-super

Please choose a variant:

  • sterile
  • highly absorbing
  • lipido-colloidal technology
  • for sensitive wound region
  • specifically formed for the heel by Heel Contact

UrgoCell Contact is the first wound dressing to emerge from the innovative technology TLC-Contact. The wound dressing consists of a super-absorbing polyurethane compress and a lipido-colloidal matrix (TLC-Contact), which is brought into contact with the wound. The micro-adhesive polymers in the regularly arranged TLC-Contact matrix from UrgoCell Contact offer a special advantage, because they ensure gentle adhesion in the wound area, without hindering the trauma- and pain-free changing of the bandage. The wound dressing can, due to the physical and chemical properties of the matrix, induce proliferation and mobilization of fibroblasts in the wound region.
These excellent properties ensure that UrgoCell Contact is a wound dressing suited for chronic and acutely exudating wounds. For the especially problematic heel region, UrgoCell Heel Contact also offers an application specifically adapted for this localization.

Proven effectiveness
The effectiveness and compatibility of UrgoCell Contact was tested within the framework of a non-comparing, openly conducted Phase-III multi-center study in 17 testing centers, on patients with venous crural ulcers. After just 6 treatment weeks, the average ulcer area was reduced by 37,4 %, which, according to Dr. Michèle Sigal, Argenteuil (France), represents an excellent result and lasting evidence for the effectiveness of the new wound dressing. The compatibility was also very evident. The condition of the sensitive peri-lesional skin in the respective examined ulcer region was not adversely affected by application of the wound dressing.

Manufacturer : Urgo

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