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Dentosafe with special tooth-nutrient solution

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portable tooth-rescue box

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Play-, sports- and traffic accidents often lead to dental injuries. The frontal teeth are the most affected. Parts of the crown break off due to fall or impact, loose teeth can be caused, teeth are knocked out partially or whole. A broken or missing frontal tooth doesn't just affect appearance and chewing ability, but also means substantial financial costs. The loss of a frontal tooth causes life-long expense, which can amount to 10 - 20.000,- EUR.

  • serves for the transport of teeth or tooth fragments
  • noticeably improves treatment chances for dental injuries

Therefore: rescue instead of replacing! People with dental injuries must be treated immediately at the nearest dentist or dental/orthodontal clinic. Dental examinations have proven that directly removed teeth or tooth fragments are almost completely covered with living cells at the roots

Removed teeth or tooth fragments must be immersed in the DENTOSAFE nutrient solution within 30 minutes, to keep the root's skin-cells alive for at least 24 hours.

Teeth immersed in the nutrient solution in the tooth rescue box can be re-attached and re-grown into the jaw by a dentist, with promising results.

Tooth fragments and/or knocked out or extremely loose teeth are kept and put into the nutrient solution of the DENTOSAFE tooth-rescue box within 30 minutes of the incident.

The nutrient solution in the bottles is ready to use. After screwing open the lid, the tooth is placed directly - without prior cleaning of dirt particles - into the nutrient solution, and the lid screwed on.

When placing the tooth into the box, the root surface of the tooth should not be touched, it is covered with living cells.

The DENTOSAFE tooth-rescue box is transported to the dental office or clinic along with the injured person.

Use of the DENTOSAFE tooth-rescue box in emergencies :

1. The DENTOSAFE tooth-rescue box is ready to use. The lid of the box is screwed off.

2. Then the tooth is placed into the bottle with the root-tip facing down. Caution! Do not touch the tooth at the root.

3. The tooth-rescue box is closed again with the screw-on lid. It can now be transported problem-free to the dentist or into the nearest orthopedic clinic. The DENTOSAFE call-nutrient solution keeps the tooth alive at least 24 hours. That means in this timeframe it is can be replanted - prerequisite for re-growing of the tooth in the jaw.

4. On the designated fields on the bottle's label, please note the initials of the patient whose tooth was placed into the tooth-rescue box, as well as the date and time of immersion. Prevents the dying of the tooth and increases the possibility of re-implantation.

Manufacturer : Hager & Werken

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