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DS 44 Blood Pressure Meter, by Welch Allyn

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MTK Testing and Repairs For all makes of blood pressure meters

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Erka Kobold Sphygmomanometer mit Rapidmanschette the colorful one-hose blood-pressure gauge

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Boso Carat Professional stable blood-pressure gauge for the office

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Very light blood pressure meter with DuraShock technology

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Version: blood pressure meter

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The meditrol H. Pylori cassette-test serves the proof of anti-bodies against H. Pylori from blood, serum or plasma.

  • for proof of helicobacter pylori anti-bodies
  • quick-test for full-blood
  • sensitivity 92 %; specificity 96,6 %
  • results visible after 15 min.

Correct use of this test allows diagnosis of H. Pylori-infections in symptomatic patients. This information helps with the treatment of gastric ulcers. The meditrol H. Pylori cassette-test allows detection of H.Pylori-infections through a visual color-reaction through a non-enzymatic sandwich-immunoassay. For this, the test was coated with H.Pylori-antigen in the test-region, and with monoclonal anti-H.Pylori anti-bodies in the control-region. During testing, anti-H.Pylori anti-bodies potentially contained in the sample react with gold-marked H.Pylori antigens. Due to the bivalent structure of the anti-bodies, this compound then collects as visible precipitate in the control-region. Excess gold-marked H. Pylori antigen then reacts in each case in the control-region with the specific mouse anti-H. Pylori anti-bodies. A visible test-stripe, on the other hand, is only apparent in the presence of anti- H.Pylori anti-bodies in the tested sample.

Application of the test:

Bring test-cassette, buffer, samples and controls to room temperature (20 – 30 °C) before use. Take test-cassettes out of the bag only immediately before use.
1. Remove the test-cassette from the bag and label the cassette with the corresponding patient identification. To avoid condensation, the cassette absolutely must have reached room temperature before removal.
2. Add a drop of serum, plasma or full-blood (approx. 20 μL) into the round opening of the cassette. Following, add 2-3 drops developing-buffer into the same opening. Do not add reagents or samples onto the long reaction-field, because this will void the test
3. Read results after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes no more interpretations should be made

Manufacturer : Welch Allyn

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