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          SteadyTemp – Smartes Thermometer

          Intelligent sensor patch for temperature measurement

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          Model: Sensor patch for temperature measurement

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          SteadyTemp – Smartes Thermometer from SteadySense

          Reliable, continuous temperature measurement with just one click: The innovative SteadyTemp sensor patch from SteadySense combines a precise temperature sensor with wireless data transmission and a smart app. The continuous measurement of the individual body temperature creates a reliable basis in the early detection and monitoring of fever - ideal for any clinic, nursing area, postoperative follow-up and also home use. For special wearing comfort, the body patch is wafer-thin and feather-light in design. The strong adhesive force allows it to be worn for up to 7 days at a time - even in the shower.

          Product details

          • Intelligent sensor patch for early detection and monitoring of fever
          • Innovative combination of self-adhesive skin patch and intelligent app
          • High-precision temperature sensor with radiation-free NFC technology
          • Diagnostic tool for clinic, care area, postoperative follow-up and chemotherapy
          • Also suitable for home use by parents and children
          • Continuous monitoring of axillary temperature - every 5 minutes
          • Reliable data transmission to the free SteadyTemp app for iOS and Android
          • In-app visualization of temperature history - secure and DSGVO compliant
          • Seamless integration into the electronic health record (eGA)
          • High comfort due to feather-light weight and thin design 
          • Strong adhesive force for up to 7 days of continuous wear 
          • Non-invasive and particularly skin-friendly
          • Waterproof material - no restrictions in everyday life

          Individual body temperature - monitoring with SteadyTemp

          Every person has an individual body temperature. Under certain circumstances, this can deviate from the traditional definition of normal and fever temperature. Thanks to the innovative SteadyTemp skin patches from SteadySense, it is possible to create precise trend charts of the temperature course from regular measurements (even during sleep) - for reliable, individual insight. For optimal monitoring, body temperature is measured at any time of day, continuously at 5-minute intervals. In contrast to a punctual measurement, a clear temperature trend can be used as a diagnostic basis in the early detection and monitoring of fever.

          The SteadyTemp app - Innovative technology and intelligent visualization

          The innovative SteadySense sensor patch has an integrated RFID chip for data transmission via NFC technology. The free SteadyTemp smartphone app for iOS and Android is required for activation. This is done in just 2 simple steps: To begin, the patch is applied to the skin about 3 finger widths below the armpit. After about 10 minutes, the patch has taken on the body temperature. Then, thanks to near field communication, the SteadyTemp patch can be scanned and paired with the smartphone in seconds. The same NFC technology is also used for daily data transmission.

          All temperatures measured with the clinical SteadyTemp thermometer patch can be imported wirelessly and securely into the SteadyTemp app. There, the data is not only documented, but also visualized in a temperature curve - with individual trends and threshold values. For further processing, the measured values can also be transferred securely and DSGVO-compliant to the electronic health record (eGA), if required.

          Technical details

          • Measurement interval: every 5 minutes
          • Measurement accuracy: 0.1 °C
          • Transmitter system: RFID (radio-frequency identification)
          • Data transmission: NFC (Near Field Communication)
          • System requirements: iOS app from iPhone 7; Android app for smartphones with NFC compatibility

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 SteadySense SteadyTemp - Smart Thermometer

          The smartphone shown is not included in the scope of delivery.

          To use the SteadyTemp sensor patch, the SteadyTemp smartphone app is required. Some additional functions of the app may only be included in a paid subscription. 

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

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