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          femSense cycle tracker

          Smart sensor patch to analyze the (in)fertile days

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          femSense cycle tracker from SteadySense

          Whether you want to have children or as part of hormone-free contraception, the femSense fertility tracker from SteadySense is the ideal companion for reliable monitoring of the most (in)fertile days in the monthly cycle. The ultra-thin body patch combines an innovative temperature sensor with seamless NFC integration into the free femSense app and offers a comprehensive 7-day insight including clear visualization of the cycle phases. By continuously measuring body temperature, it is not only possible to determine the respective fertility on different days, but also to confirm monthly ovulation based on the postovulatory temperature rise . 

          Cycle tracking for every phase of life

          The temperature method, also known as natural family planning, is a method that has been known for generations and is used for both fertility planning and contraception . What sounds contradictory at first is easy to explain from a biological point of view: Generally, conception is only possible on a few days during the cycle. The chance of fertilization is highest two days before to one day after ovulation. Through the reliable measurement of the femSense patch, your body temperature is tracked for 24 hours, so that your ovulation can be predicted with a very high degree of certainty. Through the continuous measurement of the basal body temperature , ovulation can also be confirmed with certainty, because it increases by 0.2 to 0.5 °Celsius during ovulation. The longer your femSense is in use, the more precisely femSense can predict ovulation. Regardless of whether you want to get pregnant or not, the femSense app will reliably inform you about your fertility status. 

          Product details

          • Intelligent cycle tracker to analyze the most (in)fertile days
          • Reliable monitoring from menstruation to ovulation
          • Ideal if you wish to have children or as part of hormone-free contraception
          • Regular temperature measurements with reliable results in seconds
          • Wireless integration via NFC technology into the free femSense app for iOS and Android
          • Current status of fearfulness at a glance - in daily or monthly view
          • In-app visualization of follicular phase, fertile days and luteal phase
          • Automatic statistics for better self-understanding
          • With pregnancy mode as a companion after fertilization
          • Practical functions for recording symptoms and notes
          • Extra comfort due to thin design and light weight
          • Very adhesive for up to 7 days of wear - even in the shower
          • Non-invasive and especially skin-friendly

          How the femSense cyclus tracker works

          The femSense cycle tracker consists of an innovative skin patch with sensor and the free femSense app. In the app, you have the option to choose between two modes: "track fertility" (if you want to use contraception) or "get pregnant". The skin patch has an integrated RFID chip whose data can be read by your smartphone via NFC technology. The adhesive sensor patches are particularly lightweight and waterproof, so they can be worn for a full week - even in the shower. How to activate femSense in four easy steps:

          1. Download the app, register and enter your cycle data. The app uses this information to determine the 1st day on which you should apply the patch. 
          2. The patch is placed on the skin about 3 finger widths below the armpit and remains there for up to 7 days to track your body temperature.
          3. Record the stored temperatures at least once a day by simply holding your smartphone near the NFC chip.
          4. That's it! femSense now informs you daily about your fertility status. 

          Double the chance of pregnancy

          Wearing the tracker can double your chances of getting pregnant, as it detects your most fertile days and informs you about them. This makes femSense the ideal companion if you want to have a child. For optimal results, the data stored in the chip of the femSense tracker should be read out with your smartphone at least once a day. After successful fertilization, the integrated pregnancy mode offers practical additional functions for the coming months - including a note function and symptom diary. 

          Hormone-free contraception with femSense

          The continuous temperature measurements of the femSense cycle tracker are suitable as a reliable component of the symptothermal method. In this method, physical symptoms (changes in cervical mucus and cervix - as part of a gynecological consultation) and the informative basal body temperature, which rises at ovulation and levels off again in the course of the cycle, provide a reliable basis for contraception. When used optimally, the Symptothermal Method achieves a Pearl Index of 0.4, which is comparable to the safety of the birth control pill. 

          Technical details

          • Transmitter system: RFID (radio-frequency identification)
          • Data transmission: NFC (Near Field Communication)
          • System requirements: iOS app as of iPhone 7; Android app for smartphones with NFC compatibility

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 package SteadySense femSense cycle tracker à 3 pieces

          The pictured smartphone is not included in the scope of delivery.

          To use the femSense cycle tracker, the femSense smartphone app is required. Some additional functions of the app may only be available with a paid subscription. 

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          This item is not eligible for returns.

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