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          Natede Basic Air Purifier

          Natural elimination of viruses, bacteria & odors

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Model: without filter change

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          Natede Basic Air Purifier from Vitesy

          The Natede Basic air purifier from Vitesy combines nature, technology and design. By means of phytoremediation, a natural ability of the plant, pollutants are absorbed and transformed into food for the plant. The sustainable and natural air filter contains a self-watering system and reliably removes VOCs, viruses, bacteria, fine dust and odors. Manual fan speed control allows the air purifier to be turned down with a simple hand movement. The integrated filter is water washable and reusable - ideal for everyday use in the office or at home.

          Product details

          • Natural and sustainable air purifier with innovative filter technology
          • Combination of nature, technology and design
          • Reliably removes VOCs, viruses, bacteria, fine dust and odors
          • 2-stage purification process through phytoremediation and photocatalytic filter
          • Increased cleaning power of plants and elimination of pollutants
          • Washable reusable filter 
          • Modern and unique design
          • Manual control of the fan speed
          • Controllable by a hand movement between the modes: silent, standard, power
          • Self-watering system for the plant
          • Material pot: Recycled plastic
          • Material base: Cork
          • Dimensions: L 26,4 x W 27,1 x H 25,2 cm
          • Dimensions inner basket: Ø 16 x H 10 cm
          • Weight: 2,5 kg

          The innovative cleaning process of Natede Basic

          The 2-step purification process creates new and clean air for improved well-being and health. Stage 1 strengthens the natural action of the plant by increasing air circulation through the root system. This allows the plant to accumulate and eliminate pollutants. In stage 2, the integrated and reusable photocatalytic filter eliminates a wide range of pollutants. In addition, the included LEDs maximize light reflection and thus the effectiveness of photocatalysis.

          Note on the video: Item 6 "Technological unit with sensors and connectivity" (second 11) is not included in this article (Basic Version).

          Technical details 

          • Power: 18 W
          • Mains voltage: 12 V, 1.5 A

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Vitesy Natede Basic air purifier

           The pictured plant is not included.