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          Meladem 40 Water Exchanger

          For demineralizing water at reasonable cost

          Meladem 40 Water Exchanger
          Order number: 290770
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Meladem 47

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          Meladem 40 Water Exchanger

          MELAdem 40 makes producing low-cost, demineralized water (aqua dem) right in your practice possible. By applying the ion-exchange principle, ions like calcium and magnesium, for example, are removed from tap water and replaced with oxygen and hyrdroxide ions. That's how MELAdem 40 can deliver high-quality demineralized water. With the MELAdem 40 coupled directly to MELAG, it automatically supplies high-quality, demineralized water for every sterilization.

          Autoclaves of the Premium, Profi, and S classes are factory-equipped with holders on their housings where the MELAdem 40 attaches. For attaching it to the Vacuquick models or to a wall, appropriate holders are available.

          • for connecting directly to Vacuklav, Vacuquick und Euroklav
          • automatically demineralized water for sterilization
          • MELAdem 40 = low sterilization needs
          • Meladem 47 = high sterilization needs
          • MELAdem 40 requires replaceable cartridges

          Technical Data

          Outside Dimensions: (w x d x h in cm) 32 x 15 x 35
          Weight (filled)2.4 Kg
          Capacity(at 600 µS/cm tap water)~ 120 liters

          Sterilization Quality Assurance

          The compact water conditioning equipment MELAdem 40 delivers high-quality demineralized water for steam generation in autoclaves. When directly connected to Vacuklav and Euroklav, it feeds "aqua dem" automatically for every sterilization.

          Fresh aqua dem is best for getting instruments spot-less and to extend the autoclave's useful life. MELAdem 40 also makes sense even for traditional autoclaves using the water-circulation system, because their built-in water storage tanks can be directly filled with aqua dem using the optional MELajet spray pistol.

          Naturally, MELAdem 40 can be deployed wherever good water quality is indispensable, for example, where x-ray films must be developed and cast materials must be mixed, as well as for use in steam injectors or laboratory work.

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          Customer assessment ⦁ Meladem 40 Water Exchanger

          - 24 Jul 2017