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          B. Braun

          BBraun Mandrin


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          Selection: G18, green

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          BBraun Mandrin from B. Braun

          B. Braun Vasofix Mandrins are used for hygienic and safe interruption of infusions or transfusions. The stylet fits all Vasofix intravenous catheters. In addition, each stylet is color-coded, making it suitable and quick to use, depending on the indwelling vein cannula used. The screwable lock of the vein stylet is drip-proof and leak-proof.

          Product details

          • Indwelling venous cannula closure (stylet) for indwelling venous cannulae with injection valve
          • Color codes for clear identification and quick use
          • suitable for B. Braun Vasofix Safety, Vasofix Braun needles and Vasofix Certo as well as Vasocan and Introcan indwelling cannulas
          • soft and flexible - for optimal patient comfort
          • latex-free
          • PVC-free

          The Vasofix closure is used to securely close the lumen. The indwelling vein cannula closure is available in different sizes, depending on the cannula. These sizes are clearly identified by color coding. These color codes are congruent with the colors of the Vasofix indwelling vein cannulas. This guarantees the reliable and confusion-free closure of vein accesses.

          What does the color code of the Vasofix Mandrin mean?

          • Pink Gauge G20, 1.1 x 33 mm (Gauge, Ø x S-length)
          • Blue Gauge G22, 0.9 x 25 mm (gauge, Ø x S-length)
          • Green/White Gauge G18, 1.3 x 33 mm (Gauge, Ø x S-length)
          • Green Gauge G18, 1.3 x 45 mm (Gauge, Ø x S-length)
          • White Gauge G17, 1.5 x 45 mm (Gauge, Ø x S-length)
          • Gray Gauge G16, 1.7 x 50 mm (Gauge, Ø x S-length)
          • Orange Gauge G14, 2.2 x 50 mm (Gauge, Ø x S-length)

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 B. Braun Vasofix Stylet in the desired thickness
          Properties: sterile
          Service Offer: Consulting Stuff

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          This item is not eligible for returns.