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          medesign Glyn-Lys Glide Gel

          Sonography and lubricant gel for vaginal examination

          Glyn-Lys Glide Gel
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          Glyn-Lys Glide Gel from medesign

          The Gyn-Lys lubricant is the ideal medical lubricant. The water-based medical product provides better lubrication and is therefore perfect for sonographies and vaginal examinations. The pH value of the hydro sensitiv lubricant gel has been specially adapted to the vaginal intimate area, so that the sensitiv gel not only makes the skin slippery, but also has a high mucous membrane compatibility and prevents unpleasant burning after the examination.

          medesign Gyn-Lys Lubricating Gel - At a glance

          • Water-based lubricant gel
          • Suitable for sonographies and vaginal examinations
          • pH value 3.7 - 4.1
          • High mucous membrane compatibility
          • Does not drip

          These lubricants ensure diagnostic precision

          Gyn-Lys is a lubricant that differs from many products on the market in that it has been developed on an aqueous basis. As a result, Gyn-Lys has the distinct advantage over oil-based or silicone-based lubricants in that it does not falsify examination results during cytological smears. In addition, the lubricating gel contains nourishing glycerine. This makes every vaginal examination easier. Sonography also succeeds on the basis of excellent images, because Gyn-Lys is excellently suited as a gel for the probes.

          Properties of Gyn-Lys lubricant

          Gyn-Lys does not drip, but it is not too "gelatinous" either. The perfect consistency of the lubricant is only topped by its water solubility. This safety ensures a pleasant examination setting for both doctor and patient. In addition, Gyn-Lys has a pH value of about 3.7, which is ideal for the vaginal flora, and is thus optimally adapted to the acid-base values in the vaginal area. Since Gyn-Lys contains no chemical preservatives, it is not only well tolerated, but also generally avoids burning and itching during and after the examination. This lubricant is therefore helpful during numerous gynecological examinations and prevents intolerances.

          Gyn-Lys promotes the speed of the examination

          Due to its good sprite behavior, Gyn-Lys can be spread quickly and in a covering manner. As a result, this lubricant has become the absolute standard in a large number of gynecological practices, as well as in clinics. This is due in particular to the drip-free and very patient-friendly behavior of the lubricant.

          Diagnostic safety thanks to Gyn-Lys

          The lubricant is based on water, which means that cytological smears are not falsified. Unlike oily lubricants, the sampled cells are in no way altered by the lubricant. This leads to accurate statements in the field of diagnosis and, incidentally, of course, for increased comfort during the vaginal examination. However, the integrity of vaginal smears is the very best feature of the lubricant.

          Gyn-Lys and the vaginal examination - application

          The use of Gyn-Lys is quick and simple. As usual, before the examination, cover the speculum and glove tips with Gyn-Lys vaginal gel and then start the examination. If you use Gyn-Lys as a contact and lubricating gel during the vaginal ultrasound examination, wet the ultrasound probe or the protective cover with the lubricating gel. Then the transducer can glide gently and the sonogram shows perfect images.

          The Gyn-Lys lubricant gel is available in 2 sizes, in the practical 250 ml bottle and in the large 1000 ml refill pack.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 bottle of Gyn-Lys ultrasound and vaginal gel