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          MD 100 HF electrosurgical unit for dermatology

          With power regulation in each operating mode and accessories

          Order number: 101642.02
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Variant: With dermatology accessory set

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          €2,875.00 * net

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          MD 100 HF electrosurgical unit for dermatology from Micromed

          The compact MD 100 HF electrosurgical unit for dermatology is supplied with a comprehensive set of accessories. The set with the high-frequency surgical unit, the various cutting and coagulation electrodes, handle and foot switch meets all the requirements of the dermatological specialist practice.

          Product details

          • Modern device for high frequency electrosurgery
          • Set with accessory kit for dermatological applications
          • Power regulation in each operating mode
          • 1-25 watts in 1-watt increments for micro applications
          • Smooth and scabbed cutting, soft and forced coagulation
          • Neutral electrode monitoring
          • Bipolar coagulation with 100 Watt power and automatic power control
          • Nine individual memory locations
          • Incl. MicroPen handle and dermatology accessory set
          • Dimensions: L 31 x W 31 x H 14.5 cm
          • Weight: 6.9 kg

          Modern electrosurgery in dermatology

          Electrosurgical instruments are routinely used for outpatient procedures in dermatology. Low-bleed cutting (coagulation) offers a wide range of applications for tissue-sparing treatment. The compact MD 100 high-frequency surgical unit has an output power of 100 watts and power regulation in each operating mode. Continuous impedance measurements on the tissue automatically and reliably dose the required power. 

          For micro applications, the voltage is regulated up to 25 watts in 1-watt increments. An auto-start function for bipolar applications and neutral electrode monitoring provide additional safety and convenience. the dermatology accessory kit includes needle, loop and disc electrodes, as well as a neutral electrode for monopolar RF surgery. For bipolar use, the set includes internally angled forceps and the associated bipolar connection cable. The instruments are easy to handle via the ergonomic MicroPen handle and a foot switch with a cable length of 5 m is also supplied. The HF dermatology set is ideally suited for delicate work during dermatological operations.

          Technical details

          • Auto-start function for more safety in bipolar applications
          • With potential equalization connection
          • Neutral electrode monitoring with optical and acoustic signal 
          • Rated frequency: 500 kHz
          • Power consumption: 150 VA (230 V)
          • Power consumption standby mode: 12 W / 30 VA
          • Monopolar cutting 1 & 2: 100 W, 500 Ω
          • Monopolar coagulation 1: 100 watts, 100 Ω
          • Monopolar coagulation 2: 100 watts, 500 Ω
          • Bipolar coagulation: 100 W, 100 Ω
          • Type CF: Classification II b
          • Protection class: I
          • Mains connection: 100 - 260 volts, 50 - 60 Hz

          Contents of the dermatology accessory kit

          • 1 MicroPen handle (with 2 buttons for electrodes with 4 mm shaft)
          • 1 connection cable for MicroPen (cable length 3 m)
          • 1 Foot switch (cable length 5 m)
          • 1 Bipolar connection cable (cable length 3 m)
          • 1 needle electrode (Ø 0.2 mm, angled at 45°, Figure 2)
          • 1 wire loop electrode (Ø 5 mm, Figure 12)
          • 1 disc electrode (Ø 5 mm, angled at 45°, Figure 42)
          • 1 needle electrode (insulated, Figure 44, angled 45°)
          • 1 needle electrode (Ø 0.3 mm, insulated, angled 45°, Figure 45)
          • 1 rubber neutral electrode (L 8 x W 15 cm, cable length 4 m)
          • 1 Bipolar forceps (angled inside, W 5 x L 130 mm)
          • 1 rubber band (perforated, length 75 cm)
          • 1 fastening button for the rubber band

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Micromed MD 100 HF electrosurgical unit for dermatology
          • 1 MicroPen handle
          • 1 dermatology accessory set

          The product is subject to instruction in Germany according to MPBetreibV. The instruction is not included in the price.

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