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          Q-scope QS.20200-P Hand-held microscope

          Digital USB handheld microscope with 8 LEDs

          Order number: 102058.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Modell: 2.0 megapixel CMOS sensor

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          Q-scope QS.20200-P Hand-held microscope from Euromex

          The Q-scope 20200-P from Euromex is an intuitive digital USB handheld microscope equipped with a powerful 2-megapixel camera. The portable pocket instrument with ergonomic design can be operated with two fingers and provides up to 200x magnification in the blink of an eye during microscopy. It connects to any computer via USB cable and displays high-resolution, real-time images of surfaces, skin lesions or parasites. Combined with free, easy-to-use software, Q-scope enables advanced image processing for further analysis. The variable zoom factor ensures that every important detail can be shown and documented. This means that results can be followed live during treatment and stored quickly and easily in the digital patient file. 

          Product details

          • Mobile digital microscope with LED illumination
          • 2 megapixel camera for reflected light microscopy with manual focus
          • Up to 200x magnification
          • For photos, videos and time-lapse photography
          • Data transfer via USB cable
          • Intuitive software for MacOS and Windows computers
          • Extensive tools for image analysis and measurement
          • Incl. polarization filter and calibration ruler
          • Incl. Q-focus software on CD 
          • Languages (software): German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese
          • Dimensions: L 140 x W 34 mm
          • Weight: 115 g

          State-of-the-art technology for razor-sharp images

          Q-scope consists of a glass lens with anti-reflective coating, an attached polarizing filter and a CMOS sensor for a high frame rate. A built-in ring with 8 bright LED lights provides excellent illumination of the examined areas. The focus can be adjusted manually using the smooth-running thumbwheel and the distance between the instrument and the object being examined. Placing the Q-scope on the object enables a 50x magnification. Turning the thumbwheel up to its maximum allows magnification of up to 200x.

          The trigger button, located on the side of the device, allows an image to be created with the click of a finger as well as automatically saved. A polarizing filter removes unwanted light reflections with a simple twist of the attachment cap. Images of reflective surfaces made of metal, glass or skin are therefore no problem for the Q-scope microscope.

          Possibilities of the Q-focus software

          The free software offers various helpful functions that support you during examination, analysis and documentation. The Q-focus software is included for Mac and Windows computers. If your computer or laptop does not have a CD drive, the manufacturer offers a free download of the latest Q-focus software. Updates are also available for free.

          Capture modes:

          • Controls for capturing images and videos
          • Settings for time-lapse photography
          • Saving images in multiple formats 
          • Image and video library
          • Sending and sharing files

          Image editing and measuring modes: 

          • Measure examination field (line, radius, circle, polygons, 3-point circle, angle)
          • Calibration: A calibration aid is included. The reference standard is used to automatically set the magnification rate of the software in order to perform reproducible measurements.
          • Insert text or markings in the image

          Applications of the Q-scope

          The Q-scope digital microscope gives various medical specialties the ability to visualize diseases and changes, inform patients, measure abnormalities and store them directly in the digital patient record. The course of treatment can be documented and shared quickly and easily. Telemedicine and online consultation can be advanced with live images from the Q-scope.

          • Dermatology for skin lesion assessment, skin cancer screening, trichoscopy, scabies and lice control
          • Podiatry
          • Veterinary medicine for examination for parasites, mange detection, gingivitis, periodontitis, and cataract examination
          • Forensics
          • Science
          • Education and university
          • Botany
          • Quality control in industry
          • Art restoration 

          Technical details

          • Lens type: optical glass with multilayer anti-reflective coating
          • Magnification: 10 - 50 x, 200 x
          • Illumination: 8 white LEDs
          • Illumination technique: incident light, polarizing filter
          • Focus: manual, 10 to 500 mm
          • Zoom: via distance to object
          • Sensor type: CMOS  
          • Resolution: 2 megapixel, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 800 x 600, 640 x 480
          • Video (frame rate): 30 fps
          • Interface: USB 2.0
          • System requirements:
            • min. MacOS 10.4; Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10
            • min. 100 MB free hard disk space
            • 16-bit color display
            • 512 MB RAM or more
            • CD/ DVD drive
            • 2.0 USB port

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Euromex Q-scope QS.20200-P handheld microscope
          • 1 CD Q-focus software for Mac OS and Windows-based PCs
          • 1 Calibration aid (microscope slide)
          • Instruction manual