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          CLEARTEST Influenza Antigen Flu Rapid Test

          For the qualitative detection of influenza A and B

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          Package: 5 piece(s)

          Package size: 5 Tests

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          CLEARTEST Influenza Antigen Flu Rapid Test from servoprax

          The CLEARTEST Influenza Rapid Test should be performed after the onset of the typical symptoms of influenza. In patients with rapidly rising fever and severe sore throat, headache and aching limbs, the immunochromatographic nasal swab test can be used to check whether the infection is actually influenza A or B, including many subtypes such as avian or swine flu.
          It is easy to use, as the test cassettes come with the appropriate accessories, and the result can be read within a few minutes. If the results are positive, you can treat your patients appropriately shortly after the onset of symptoms.

          Please note: Expiration date 07/31/2022 for package size: 25 tests

          Important Notice  For healthcare professionals only.

          The test should only be performed and interpreted by a physician or a person authorized by a physician. Medical laypersons may use and interpret the test incorrectly.

          Product details

          • Immunochromatographic test cassettes
          • Rapid test for the qualitative determination of influenza antigens of influenza virus type A and type B (nucleoprotein)
          • Positive results for infections present: Influenza A subtypes,
            including H1N1 (pathogen of the so-called swine flu), H3N2,
            avian influenza subtypes such as H5N3, H7N3, H9N2 and H5N1, also for the B variant
          • Individually sealed test cassettes 
          • Test material: nasal swab
          • Evaluation after 10 minutes
          • Storage at 2 - 30 °C
          • Available in different package sizes
          • Shelf life: Expiration date 31.07.2022 for package size: 25 tests

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 package servoprax CLEARTEST Influenza Antigen Flu Rapid Tests in the selected package size consisting of:
            • Test cassettes
            • Pipettes
            • Sterile swabs
            • Extraction tubes
            • Buffer solution


          • 1 Packung servoprax CLEARTEST Influenza Antigen Grippe Schnelltests in der gewählten Packungsgröße bestehend aus:
            • 5 Testkassetten
            • 5 Pipetten
            • 5 Sterile Abstrichtupfer
            • 5 Extraktionsröhrchen
            • 5 Pufferlösungen

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          For healthcare professionals only
          For healthcare professionals only