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          ropimex RFW folding screen

          Opaque room divider with a wall and column mount or with a trolley

          SKU: 160594
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Version: Wall and column mount

          Color: White

          Number of panels: 3

          €398.65 inc. VAT*
          €335.00 ex. VAT*

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          Delivery 45 to 48 days

          The delivery will take place between the 22.06.2024 and 26.06.2024

          RFW folding screen from ropimex

          Flexibility in room layout and durable quality: the RFW folding screen from ropimex combines robust materials with a versatile design that is suitable for stationary use in hospital and treatment rooms as well as for mobile use at different locations thanks to the optional trolley. The well-thought-out “Z” folding design allows the screen to be set up and positioned in a flash or folded up and stowed away to save space.

          The innovative panels are made of polycarbonate, a translucent but opaque plastic that creates a bright, homely atmosphere while ensuring the necessary discretion. Thanks to tight-fitting hinges, it is not possible to peek through the gaps between the panels, thus ensuring privacy across their entire 360-degree movement range. The ropimex RFW folding screen is made of anodized aluminum and scratch-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, held together by rustproof V2A stainless-steel screws, and suitable for demanding everyday use in clinics and doctors’ offices.

          Product details

          • Durable folding screen with caster wheels for privacy in the medical sector
          • Easy to install stationarily or use on the go
          • Ideal for every treatment or waiting room in clinics and doctors’ offices
          • 360 degrees of privacy – even between the hinges
          • Can be combined and extended with further RFW panels if desired
          • Light-weight material and “Z” folding design allow uncomplicated handling
          • Occupies a minimal amount of space when folded up
          • Translucent panels for a comfortable atmosphere: light shines through, but curious eyes are kept out
          • Particularly robust, anodized surface and precise screws made of rustproof V2A stainless steel
          • Thanks to the ropimex Turn & Connect RTC unit, the panels can be turned 360 degrees and positioned flexibly
          • Panels are flame-retardant in accordance with DIN EN13501-1; B-s1 d0
          • Easy to clean and disinfect with commercially available cleaning agents
          • Pre-assembled delivery
          • Material (frame & hinges): aluminum extrusion profile (AlMgSi0,5)
          • Material (connecting pieces): polyamide (PA6 GF15); 15 % fiberglass
          • Material (panels): polycarbonate
          • Height: 165 cm
          • Width (per panel): 30 cm
          • Weight (per panel): ca. 3.5 kg
          • Available in different versions, widths, and colors
            (Please note: only one color for all panels can be selected per order)

          RFW folding screen – exactly the right size

          The ropimex RFW privacy screen is available in a wide range of combinations for extra flexibility when furnishing treatment and hospital rooms. There are 3 different widths and 10 colors to choose from: light blue, blue-gray, golden yellow, yellow-orange, carnation red, cherry red, lime green, turquoise, copper brown, and white.

          RFW/3 folding screen

          RFW/4 folding screen

          RFW/5 folding screen

          • Number of panels: 3
          • Dimensions (open): W 90 x H 165 cm
          • Weight: ca. 10.5 kg
          • Number of panels: 4
          • Dimensions (open): W 120 x H 165 cm
          • Weight: ca. 12.25 kg
          • Number of panels: 5
          • Dimensions (open): W 150 x H 165 cm
          • Weight: ca. 17.5 kg

          Flexible use in everyday medical practice – stationary or mobile

          The RFW folding screen from ropimex can either be installed on a wall or a free-standing column (column available separately) with the included mount, or on a trolley, providing maximum flexibility in everyday medical use. The versatile folding screen can be easily set up and folded back up again. Thanks to the innovative “Z” folding design, it can be folded into a space-saving parking position when not in use. Depending on the version, the privacy screen can be stored close to the column or wall, or compactly on the trolley.

          The RFW folding screen from ropimex can either be installed on a wall or a free-standing column (column available separately) with the included mount, or on a trolley, providing maximum flexibility in everyday medical use.

          RFW with wall and column mount

          • For installation on a wall or a free-standing column (available separately, not included in the delivery)
          • Easy handling and durable hold
          • Thanks to the “Z” folding design, it stays particularly close to the wall when folded up

          RFW with trolley

          • For installation on a trolley (included in the delivery)
          • Easy handling in mobile environments
          • Robust trolley for the RFW folding screen (10 panels max.)
          • Smooth-running 360-degree caster wheels with individually lockable brakes
          • Space-saving storage when folded up in its parking position on the trolley
          • Includes a foot-operated lever to lift the folded-up screen to freely position the trolley
          • Dimensions (trolley): L 52 x W 59 x H 165 cm
          • Weight (trolley): ca. 15 kg

          Note: an RFW folding screen that is installed on a trolley cannot be installed on a wall or a column at the same time.

          Package contents

          • 1 ropimex RFW folding screen with a wall and column mount and 3 panels in white

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.

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