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          NEXO Shoes

          Sterilizable up to 134 degrees

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          Size: 42

          Color: White

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          NEXO Shoes from WOCK

          NEXO, is ideal for very active people, who walk a lot and fast in either work or leisure activities.

          NEXO Shoes- Features

          • Sterilizable: Produced in an high quality polymer which allows sterilization in autoclave up to 134 °C
          • Closed Heel: Additional support for the moments that require extra agility
          • Removable Insole: It’s detachable to allow a deeper cleaning
          • Shock Absorption The special design helps to reduce the occurrence of micro–lesions in tendons, bones and joints, and the feeling of tired legs
          • Antistatic: Promotes the dissipation of accumulated static electricity
          • Upper Liquid Protection: Avoids the entrance of liquids inside the shoe
          • Breathable: Regulates the temperature and humidity of the foot
          • Washable: The footwear can be machine washed up to 90 °C
          • Antislip: The sole is designed to reduce the risk of slipping
          • Lemon Scent: The footwear has a fresh and soft fragrance, with a lemon scent
          • Unisex: Style designed to be worn by men and women

          NEXO Shoes - Details

          NEXO is made with Steri–techTM technology. Its material allows sterilization up to 134°C, is non–toxic and provides odor resistance, bacterial and fungal growth inhibition. NEXO’s exclusive Steri–techTM insole uses Grid DesignTM technology to improve its shock absorption capacity, while being highly flexible and breathable to allow maximum comfort.

          NEXO, is a bicoloured occupational sneaker made entirely of polymeric materials with the following components:

          • Removable insole
          • Instep–strap
          • Ventilation holes — both on sneaker and insole

          NEXO Shoes - Technical Specifications

          • Heat resistance — up to a maximum of 134 °C
          • Slip–resistant
          • Resistant to abrasion
          • Resistant to detergents
          • Resistant to lactic acid
          • Resistant to liquids (such as infiltration of blood)
          • Resistant to chemicals
          • Resistant to saltwater
          • Recyclable

          Care and Cleaning

          • Wash: Machine washable up to a maximum temperature of 90 °C. Can also be steam sterilized in autoclave up to 134 °C.
          • Dry: Wipe with a cloth or dry at room temperature.


          NEXO resists to several sterilizations in autoclave, but durability might be impaired depending on sterilization parameters and number of cycles. NEXO also resists to several washings at 90°C in the washing machine. It is not recommended the use of bleaching agents during washing machine cycles at 90 °C. The resistance of NEXO material to washing depends on several factors:

          • Type of detergent
          • Concentration
          • Cycles’ duration
          • Temperature
          • Physical stress during the cycles