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          Tuition and schooling costs enough!!

          Hence, DocCheck supports undergraduates, students and apprentices during their training. We have assembled a large assortment of needed products in the category medical studies. In rubric Everything for your studies, we have compiled a large selection of products that you need for your education. Some products can be obtained for a reduced student price of up to 25%.


          Here’s how it works:

          Please register first at DocCheck as "student" and load up your student justification. After your account has been activated (will take about 24 hours) you can order with DocCheck Shop any student product of your choice and the indicated discount will automatically be deducted during the last step of the ordering process.

          Student versions do not differ from the regular product versions except for the discounted price.

          Please note: If you do not have a DocCheck Student Password and we receive no proof of status, we obtain the right to charge product at its full amount