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          Block Model Human Skin

          Cross section of human skin

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          Block Model Human Skin from HeineScientific

          This block model shows a cross-section of the human skin with all anatomical structures. The schematic structure of the skin is shown magnified about 70 times. The different colors make the individual structures in this model particularly easy to recognize. This anatomical skin model is not only ideal for use in dermatological practices because of its clear representation of the human skin, but is also popular with alternative practitioners or students as illustrative material on their desks.

          Product details

          • Block model of human skin (cross section)
          • Enlarged approx. 70 times
          • Elaborately colored
          • Mounted on a white base
          • In this block model you can see:
            - hair with hair follicle
            - horny layer
            - epidermis
            - dermis
            - sweat glands
            - sebaceous glands
            - arrector pili muscle
            - blood vessels
            - nerves
            - subcutis
            - Pacini corpuscles
          • Dimensions (without base): W 18 x H 18 x D 9 cm

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 block model of the human skin