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          House Fly LEA Stereo Test

          For testing spatial visual ability

          House Fly LEA Stereo Test
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          House Fly LEA Stereo Test from GOOD-LITE

          By spatial vision we mean the three-dimensional perception of space.

          "The House Fly" Stereotest ( "Titmus-Test") is a simple way of testing stereoscopic perception in all age groups. Everybody, including small children, grasps what a fly is.

          The glasses with polarized lenses used in the stereo vision test, "The House Fly" by VAC, polarize the light depending on the direction it comes from. For people with normal vision they create a spatial picture, while someone with impaired vision does not perceive it.

          Product contents

          • test booklet with stereo pictures
          • adult-size polarizing glasses
          • child-size polarizing glasses