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          About us

          Did you know that the DocCheck Shop already has over 140 years of expertise under its belt? Originally called Albert Geisselmann Medizinbedarf GmbH, our online store for medical and practice supplies was founded by Albert Geisselmann in 1879. Not bad, right? But a lot has happened since. Read on to find out more!


          DocCheck AG – a healthy holding

          DocCheck Shop is part of the listed DocCheck AG, which focuses on the healthcare market. Together, we are like an all-inclusive package consisting of:

          • DocCheck Shop: Europe’s leading online store for medical and doctor’s office supplies.
          • DocCheck Community: About 1,000,000 members are part of Europe’s largest community for medical professionals. This community offers opportunities to gain new insights, share, exchange, and connect knowledge, as well as read medical news tailored to you.
          • DocCheck Flexikon: A freely accessible medical encyclopedia with over 70,000 articles that have already come in handy during many professional’s university days.
          • antwerpes AG: Innovative, creative, and potentially contagious ideas and concepts for the healthcare market!
          • DocCheck Guano AG: Supporting up-and-coming visionary healthcare start-ups with funding, expertise, and our existing network.

          All in all, about 500 employees do a great job every day under the slogan, “Help those who do the helping!”.

          Our passion at DocCheck Shop

          Constant evolution is what drives us, and we never lose sight of our target audience. In order to do this, we keep working in the background to optimize every part of our operation, which is sometimes more and sometimes less visible to outsiders. A quick overview of what we really care about:

          Over 8,500 products: a product range that satisfies needs

          Varied, extensive, and up to date – this is how we would describe our product range. That’s why we not only stock classics by known manufacturers like HEINE Optotechnik or Littmann but also keep an eye out for innovative and promising products that have just entered the market. Of course, we pay great attention to offering you a fair price-to-performance ratio as well.

          Do you need a product that’s missing in our shop? We’re always open to your suggestions. Find out how you can become an Area 51 Product Scout and what rewards are waiting for you.

          Highest-possible customer satisfaction

          We are ecstatic about our 4.8 stars (out of 5 stars, based on over 500 reviews) on Google, but we won’t rest on our laurels. We hold ourselves to high standards, which is why we keep working in the background to tap into any potential that has not yet been used to the fullest. Our goal: improve our service even more for you!

          In-house innovation

          Modern technology, functionality, and no compromise on design: DocCheck Thïngs. A reinterpretation of medical instruments that:

          • are part of your daily toolbox,
          • make everyday life in the clinic and at the doctor’s office easier,
          • are designed to be repaired instead of thrown away.

          Our Thïngs are developed by a group of clever DocCheck minds in their own lab near Cologne, Germany. Whether those products are real game changers or complete failures is revealed in great detail by our Area 51 product testers.


          Operating internationally, treating locally

          Tu parles français ? La boutique DocCheck parle français ! And that’s not all: be it French, English, or Dutch, our team is so international that we can offer our entire product range beyond the German borders, too. Today, we are active in six markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. For English-speaking customers in the EU, we additionally run an English version of our DocCheck Shop.