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          DocCheck Account

          Crisis-proof and no negative interest rates: that's what we guarantee with your DocCheck account. Find out how the account works and what other benefits you enjoy as an account holder here.


          What is a DocCheck Account?

          The DocCheck Account is a piggy bank and a payment method in one: We reward you for your active participation in our DocCheck Community with credit that gets sent to your DocCheck Account. You can either have this transferred to your bank account or have it deducted from your shopping basket with just one click when making your next purchase on DocCheck Shop. Save some money!


          How do I activate my DocCheck Account?

          As a registered user on DocCheck Shop or DocCheck Community, you automatically own a DocCheck Account, To access this DocCheck account, simply log in to your Community Profile with your login details. Then click on your icon in the top right-hand corner and select "My DocCheck Account" on the drop-down menu. You will find an overview on your current account balance and your previous transactions under the "Transactions" tab. Enter your current bank details in the "Bank details" tab if you want your credit to be transferred


          How do I actively earn money on DocCheck?

          There are different activities with which you can earn credits for your DocCheck Account. To participate in these activities, we will need the following information from you in addition to your registration:

          • Confirmation of your e-mail address.
          • A profession reference that we will use to verify your account. If you have not done this yet, you can upload the certificate retroactively.


          Got all the info together? Then you can get started now and top up your account balance with the following activities:

          Subscribe to DocCheck bMail

          We don't like spam! By subscribing to DocCheck bMail you will receive customised content. We will inform you about interesting offers and services from DocCheck as well as the industry’s latest innovative products and medications. You receive €0.18 with every bMail you open. You can either donate the money to a good cause or have it credited to your DocCheck account.

          Participate on DocCheck

          Anyone who writes helpful contributions and comments deserves to be rewarded. That's why we acknowledge quality in our community and provide a small bonus as a thank-you. The DocCheck editorial team decides which content is honoured at its own discretion. You can find more information on this in our GTC, §11.


          Cashback actions

          Loyalty is rewarded: In the DocCheck Shop, there are regular cashback campaigns where a variable amount of your purchase value is credited to your DocCheck Account.


          How do I deduct my DocCheck Account credit from my purchase?

          • When making a payment on DocCheck Shop, you have the option of paying for your purchase with your DocCheck Account balance. This option will be displayed automatically if your credit balance is at least €5.
          • Any left-over credit will remain in your account.


          What do I do with the money earned through DocCheck?

          • Simply log in to the DocCheck Shop, fill your shopping basket and use your account balance!
          • Amounts of 25€ or more will be transferred to your bank account every six months, provided you have entered your bank details (IBAN and Swift/BIC required) on your DocCheck Account. Payments can only be made to German bank accounts or to accounts that can be reached with a SEPA transfer. The transaction fee is €0.50 and will be charged automatically.