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          Bulk discount

          A lot for a little? Your piggy bank is about to go crazy! Our bulk discount lets you permanently enjoy substantial discounts when ordering higher volumes. So, let’s add some more, shall we?


          Buy more – Pay less

          DocCheck Shop offers you a bulk discount on selected products. This means that the more items you buy, the less you pay per each one of them. Generally, you can save between 3 and 13 % on your purchase.


          Everything you need for your clinic or medical practice

          Whether plasters, disinfectants, gloves, injection equipment, diagnostic instruments or point-of-care tests: we offer our bulk discount on a variety of products across our range. Some of them are from well-known manufacturers like B. Braun, HARTMANN or medichem.


          Easy on the wallet & the environment

          Buying items in advance does not only reduce the staff's workload: it is also good for the environment! By ordering products less frequently, you reduce the resources required for packaging, logistics and transport, among others. Simple and effective!



          How to recognise a product with bulk discount

          There is an additional info box below the paypal checkout button on products to which volume discount applies. The box contains an overview regarding when volume discount starts and the amount by which the unit price is reduced.