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          Finesse² Child Stethoskop mit Premium case

          Double head for children and infants

          Order number: 100266.12
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Hose color: Light Grey

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          Finesse² Child Stethoskop mit Premium case from ERKA

          The universally applicable Finesse² Child pediatric stethoscope from ERKA impresses with its versatility and excellent acoustics. The reliable dual-head stethoscope was specially developed for auscultation of infants and children and offers excellent acoustic sensitivity. Colorful tube colors and a friendly smiley face on the chestpiece sweeten the examination not only for the little patients!

          ERKA Finesse² Child Stethoscope - At a glance

          • Double-sided ERKA Finesse² Child chestpiece with small diaphragm diameters: 33 mm / 21.3 mm
          • Two convex diaphragm sides for the complete frequency spectrum in children and infants
          • Small diaphragm with child-friendly yellow smiley face
          • Highly polished and chrome-plated without pores
          • ERKA diaphragm with convex base tension
          • Excellent resonance and sound transmission
          • Dual tube
          • Silicone ear tips in Soft and Supersoft
          • Easy to disinfect with all common medical cleaning agents
          • With zipper pocket
          • Made in Germany

          ERKA Finesse² Child Stethoscope - auscultation of the little ones

          The ERKA Finesse² Child Stethoscope with its excellent resonance and sound transmission is especially adapted to the auscultation conditions in infants and toddlers. The stethoscope also has a child-friendly design with the friendly smiley on the small diaphragm side. The switchable membrane sides of the ERKA Finesse² Child stethoscope allow auscultation of high and low frequency sounds in children and infants. The larger membrane is suitable for auscultation of children or thin patients, the smaller membrane for infants and toddlers. The ERKA convex diaphragm of the combined chestpiece has a fundamental tension that makes the complete frequency spectrum perfectly audible. With its diaphragm diameters of 33 mm and 21.3, the ERKA Finesse² stethoscope is particularly suitable for specialists in pediatric and infant medicine, emergency physicians, cardiologists, as well as infant nurses/nurses and midwives.

          ERKA brass stethoscopes have a hand-polished and non-porous chrome-plated surface. Compared to stainless steel or aluminum, this is significantly more resistant to germs and bacteria and can be cleaned easily, quickly and thoroughly. The cold protection rings ensure high patient comfort and protect the membranes. The ERKA dual-channel tube has two internal channels to address each ear separately. This maximizes the sound image and minimizes noise. The spring integrated in the tube ensures that the acoustics are transmitted from the chestpiece to the ear with particularly low loss.

          The stethoscope's ergonomically shaped headband, which is tilted by 15° as standard, can be individually adjusted to fit your ear canal. Each ERKA stethoscope also comes with a selection of soft and supersoft silicone ear tips that provide excellent acoustic sealing against external noise.

          What makes ERKA stethoscopes so special is that each one is painstakingly polished by hand by a master craftsman and then chrome-plated to a mirror finish. Therefore, each ERKA stethoscope is unique and made in Germany.

          Scope of delivery ERKA Finesse² Child Stethoscope

          • 1 pair of ear tips Soft additionally
          • Bag

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