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          NAVI-60 VeinNavi Infrared Vein Finder

          Portable vein finder for contactless application by NIR

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          Variant: NAVI-60 mit Display

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          NAVI-60 VeinNavi Infrared Vein Finder from MedCaptain

          The vein illuminator from MedCaptain makes the course of superficial veins visible in real time using infrared light. The colored projection on the skin surface precisely maps the vein network and additionally provides information on the depth of a vein. The VeinNavi NAVI-60 can be used in various medical specialties as an aid to venepuncture. Whether in pediatrics, vascular surgery or oncology - it facilitates the search for the appropriate site for blood sampling or injection. 

          Product details

          • Infrared vein locator for vein localization
          • Real-time color vein imaging
          • Five projection colors and inverse color mode for each color
          • With depth detection of veins
          • Different brightness levels and projection window sizes selectable
          • Mobile use due to low weight
          • Non-contact and non-invasive
          • With display for battery capacity, mode, color and projection size
          • Rechargeable battery operation also possible when charged (corded)
          • Incl. charging cable and power supply unit
          • Safety standards: IEC 60601-1:2012 Medical electrical equipment part 1; IEC60601-1-2:2014 Medical electrical equipment part 1-2
          • Dimensions: L 224 x W 68 x H 64 mm
          • Weight: approx. 500 g

          Precise images for more safety

          The portable vein finder NAVI-60 works contactless and gently by NIR technology (near infrared light). The device assists medical personnel in vein localization in addition to visual and tactile assessment. 
          VeinNavi can be used in studies and training to illustrate the course of veins, as well as in difficult medical situations. Particularly in the case of small veins that are difficult to palpate, for example at the "baby fat" of an infant, or in the case of restricted vein access due to medication and infusions, the vein locator provides fast and reliable results and gives patients and medical professionals peace of mind.

          With the aid of high-resolution vein illumination on the skin, the course of the vein network can be seen in real time. The vein finder can be held in any position above the detection area. A total of four brightness levels and different color views make the device suitable for almost any skin type. In inverse color mode, the vein color and the skin color are reversed in the projection image.

          The high-resolution display makes occluded or bleeding veins as well as constrictions and curves more visible. Optical distortions are attenuated by the NAVI-60 technique to more accurately display the distribution of veins. In depth mode, the location of the vein is displayed using green bars on the skin surface. One green light bar corresponds to a depth of approx. 0 to 2 mm, two bars to a depth of 2 to 4 mm - thus the vein illuminator perfectly supports during puncture.

          Technical details

          • 5 colors and inverse color mode for each color (white, green, red, blue, light purple) 
          • 4 brightness levels
          • Depth mode range vein depth: 0 - 2 mm / 2 - 4 mm / ≥ 4 mm
          • Image sizes: 360*192 pixels / 360*288 pixels / 720*576 pixels
          • Light source type: near infrared light (NIR), 10 - 25 lumens
          • Wavelength: 850 nm with double light source
          • Optimal focus position: 210 ± 30mm
          • Imaging depth of field: > 30mm
          • Power supply: Lithium-ion battery, charging cable with power supply unit
          • Operating time: > 2.5 hours
          • Recharge time: 4 hours

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 MedCaptain NAVI-60 VeinNavi infrared vein viewer
          • 1 power supply unit
          • 1 charging cable
          • Instruction manual with accuracy test card

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