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          PY/U-Course-Set Advance II - Student version

          The complete equipment for PJ and U-course

          PY/U-Course-Set Advance II - Student version
          Article ID: 100110.4
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Tubing colour: Black Edition

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          Delivery 6 to 9 days

          You will receive your goods between the 09.06.2023 and 13.06.2023

          PY/U-Course-Set Advance II - Student version from DocCheck

          Student version - Only available with student pass!

          This set is ideal for the examination class, as well as the practical year.

          Delivery includes

          • DocCheck Stethoscope Advance II
          • DocCheck Reflex hammer after Troemner
          • DocCheck Penlight metal diagnostic lamp with LED, incl. batteries
          • DocCheck Tourniquet (red)
          Service Offer: Laser engraving

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