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          Reflex hammer "Klopp" - 2nd choice

          According to Trömner

          Order number: 100120.0.2W
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Color: Silver (2nd choice)

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          Reflex hammer "Klopp" - 2nd choice from DocCheck

          Do you hear it banging? This reflex hammer is a 2nd choice product with minor blemishes, e.g. in the paint or coating. However, the optical flaws do not detract from its ability. The DocCheck reflex hammer "Klopp" is a model according to Trömner made of sturdy metal. The increased hammer head weight of the percussion hammer helps balance the momentum and makes it particularly easy to handle. So knock away!

          Product details

          • 2.Wahl reflex hammer according to Trömner
          • Lacquer finish with optical blemishes
          • With metal handle and neurological grip tip for triggering stretch and skin reflexes
          • Two rubber inserts at the ends of the hammer head
          • Easy cleaning and disinfection
          • Length: 23.5 cm
          • Weight: approx. 170 g
          • Available with engraving
          • Available in different colors (With paint defects or scratches)

          Percussion hammer according to Trömner

          The DocCheck reflex hammer "Klopp" with metal handle is used for neurological testing of reflexes. Like most reflex hammers, this one has two different sized rubber inserts at the head ends. Thus, the large head end can be used to trigger reflexes on the large tendons of the extensor muscles. The smaller head end is for testing the tendons of the flexor muscles. Patellar tendon reflexes, Achilles tendon reflexes, triceps reflexes and biceps tendon reflexes can be tested in no time with the Troemner Reflex Hammer. The pointed metal spike on the reflex hammer handle is used to test skin reflexes.

          The relatively heavy hammer head of the Troemner reflex hammer ensures particularly easy handling. With the aid of gravity, it is thus possible to always apply equally strong blows that produce comparable reflex responses. This is particularly advantageous for students and trainees.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 DocCheck reflex hammer "Klopp" - 2nd choice (paint defect) in the selected color

          The illustrations are examples of the paint defects, each part is individual. 

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          Service Offer: Laser engraving

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