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          HARTMANN Peha-haft, Latex-free

          Cohesive elastic bandage with dual adhesive effect - Length: 4 meters

          SKU: 126766
          Package: 4 m

          Width and length: 6 cm x 4 m

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          Peha-haft, Latex-free from HARTMANN

          Dual adhesive effect provided by a crêpe texture weave and a micro-structured coating with a latex-free synthetic polymer for secure, long-lasting placement with just a few turns. Even when used on large, difficult-to-bandage body parts , the bandage 's individual turns won't loosen or shift.

          • easy on the skin, since it is latex-, acrylate- and chlorine-free
          • does not need fastening at the ends

          bandaging with Peha-haft does not require additional fastening of the ends; the bandage's end only needs to be pressed on and it will stay in place.


          Peha-haft only sticks to itself, not to skin, hair or clothing; it is unusually breathable, because the open weave is not occluded by the impregnation, preventing heat build up and so making it easier to wear.

          Peha-haft is made absorbent and friendly to skin ue to its high natural fiber content and the easily tolerated micro-structured coating. It can be stretched up to 85%, does not wrinkle up or bind, preventing interference with movement of joints.

          Suitable for all types of dressing retention bandages, particularly on joints as well as on conical and round parts of the body.



          46 % viscose
          37 % cotton
          20 % polyamide.

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