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          HARTMANN Peha-haft latex-free fixation bandage

          Cohesive elastic bandage with dual adhesive effect - Length: 4 meters

          SKU: 128585
          Package: 4 m

          Width and length: 4 cm x 4 m

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          Peha-haft latex-free fixation bandage from HARTMANN

          Just a few wraps of HARTMANN's latex-free fixation bandage are enough for secure and permanent fixation. Thanks to its creped structure, Peha-haft can be applied without any wrinkles, particularly on joints and round body parts. They require no additional fixation. The end of the bandage only needs to be pressed on to adhere to itself. The creped bandage does not stick to the skin, hair or clothing. The skin-friendly material mix is permeable to air, since it doesn't fully cover the wound.

          Product details

          • White fixation bandage with double adhesive effect 
          • Creped fabric structure
          • Strong inherent adhesion thanks to micro-point impregnation
          • Secure, permanent fixation
          • Does not stick to skin, hair or clothing
          • Permeable to air and skin-friendly
          • Stretchability: approx. 85
          • Composition: 43 % viscose; 37 % cotton; 20 % polyamide
          • Impregnation: synthetic polymer
          • Latex-free, acrylate- and chlorine-free
          • Length: approx. 4, 20 or 21 m (when stretched)
          • Available in various widths and lengths
          • Available in single and 8-packs

          Package contents

          • 1 pack of HARTMANN Peha-haft latex-free fixation bandages in the selected design and package size
          Service options: Medical supplies
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