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          BSN Elastomull

          Highly elastic bandage for bandage fixation

          SKU: 175271
          Package: 80 m

          Width and quantity: 4 cm, 20 pieces

          €16.60 inc. VAT*
          (€0.21 / 1 m)
          €13.95 ex. VAT*
          (€0.18 / 1 m)

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          Usable until: 30.12.2028
          The delivery will take place between the 27.06.2024 and 01.07.2024

          Elastomull from BSN

          BSN Elastomull, thanks to its crepe-like web structure, holds tight even if the individual turns of the bandage only overlap by 1/3rd. If applied properly, there is no chance of binding or constriction. The special, high proportion of cotton and the light, airy web structure give Elastomull great wearing comfort. Elastomull sits dependably on extremities and conic body parts without shifting around.

          • institutional packages without polypropylene.
          • highly elastic
          • especially skin friendly
          • for fixing wound dressings
          • pleasant wearing characteristics
          • seats perfectly, especially on body parts that move often and on conic body parts, as well as joints
          • material: 42% cotton, 29% viscose, 29% polyamide.
          Service options: Medical supplies
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