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          HARTMANN Lastotel

          highly elastic fixation bandage

          SKU: 180008
          Package: 80 m

          Selection: 6 cm x 4 m, white

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          Lastotel from HARTMANN

          Lastotel is a highly elastic fixation bandage with warp threads of crimped polyamide and weft threads of skin-friendly hydrophilic fibers. Lastotel is quickly and easily applied; complicated bandaging techniques are superfluous.

          • with crimped and synthetic warp threads
          • approx. 100 % stretchable

          Lastotel is approx. 140 % stretchable and can also be used on conical body-parts or joints without enveloping turns.

          Bandages with Lastotel don't constrict and don't hinder blood-circulation, nor desired mobility.

          The bandage has a crepe-like surface structure, so that the individual bandaging turns adhere to each other without sliding. The bandages sit dependably and without sliding.

          Lastotel is soft and air-permeable, and can be sterilized

          (steam autoclave 134 °C).

          Varying versions of Lastotel are available in bulk-packages of 100 bandages in a compact package, which doesn't just offer economical, but also ecological benefits: the compact packaging saves on packing material, helps to avoid waste and reduces transport- and storage volume.

          Application as fixation bandage of all types, especially for joints, as well as on conical and round body-parts; very well suited for wrapping of splints, due to its durable fabric.

          Service options: Medical supplies