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          B. Braun

          Askina Elast

          coarse, highly elastic fixation bandage

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          Selection: 4 cm x 4 m, white, 20 pieces

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          Askina Elast from B. Braun

          The BBraun Askina Elast Fixation Bandages are non-sterile bandages for fixing wound dressings and splints, as well as for light pressure dressings. The bandage is perfect for applying elastic bandages that should be non-sterile, but permeable to air.

          • 130 % longitudinal elastic
          • autoclavable
          • very good wearing comfort due to high natural fiber content
          • for fixation of wound dressings and splints, as well as for light pressure bandages
          • Material: 42 % cotton, 29 % viscose, 29 % polyamide
          • creped weave structure ensures good adhesion between bandage turns

          The cohesive fixation bandage is 130 % longitudinally elastic. Although the bandages are non-sterile, they are autoclavable. Due to the high proportion of natural fibers, Askina Elast fixation bandages are highly elastic and very comfortable to wear. They are particularly suitable for light pressure dressings and for the fixation of wound dressings and splints. Elastic fixation bandages such as the BBraun Askina Elast bandages also have good adhesion between the individual bandage turns due to the creped weave structure.

          Since every wound care is different, you can choose from different widths depending on your needs. The fixation bandages are air-permeable and 4 m long in all widths.

          The B.Braun company manufactures products in the field of anesthesia, intensive care, cardiology and surgery. They also offer various services for clinics and physicians in private practice, as well as in the homecare sector. The manufacturer's innovative products and services help optimize workflows in practices and clinics and improve safety for everyone involved.


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