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          HARTMANN Rolta soft

          Especially soft synthetic cotton bandage

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          Rolta soft from HARTMANN

          Rolta is a synthetic cotton bandage product with special characteristics that meet the demands of modern under-cushion bandaging technique. This assures that it will be up to the job when its use in treatment is indicated.


          • non-suctioning
          • ideal under plaster and cast bandages
          • individual bulky roll


          The frizzed, non-suctioning polyester fibers that make up Rolta exhibit high wadding elasticity.

          This means Rolta retains its cushioning qualities even after has been under mechanical pressure for a long time and also under very moist conditions.

          Rolta is skin-friendly, breathable and lets secretions pass and is also temperature compensating.

          The bandage can be quickly and easily applied to all body parts. The fiber structure causes the individual bandage turns to adhere to each other so that they will not slide out of position. An additional fixing bandage is not necessary with a circular-wrap cushioning bandage.

          Rolta is inert to rays and it is sterilizable (in steam at 121 °C).

          Rolta can be torn by hand in case the entire roll is not needed for cushioning.

          Made of medium bulky, very soft and skin-friendly material, it creates a light under-cushion that is particulary good for patients with very sensitive skin.


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