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          HARTMANN Idealast color cohensive

          Self adhesive in the color red

          Idealast color cohensive
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          Idealast color cohensive from HARTMANN

          The permanently elastic cohesive Ideal bandage convinces with the quality typical of the quality manufacturer Hartmann: Idealast color cohesive makes life in the practice and clinic more colorful and ensures the optimal, bilateral adhesive effect and non-slip fit with a short pull. As a result, the bandages are easy to wear even when at rest.

          • Hartmann Idealast cohesive ideal bandages
          • permanently elastic bandages for medium-strong compression
          • Applications: as support and relief bandage, sports bandage, over-bandage to protect other bandages, compressing wound bandage, ointment bandage, as bandages for prophylaxis and after-treatment of venous diseases and as bandage for wrapping splints
          • adhesion on both sides
          • more color for practice and clinic
          • Bandage with micropunctual latex application
          • Extensibility: 80
          • Composition: 66 % cotton, 32 % polyamide, 2 % polyurethane

          Red and good: The Idealast color cohesive is a bandage with "color

          With this bandage, Hartmann convinces once again: The color cohesive is an Idealast bandage for a wide variety of dressings. The cohesive Ideal bandage is not only permanently elastic and approx. 80% stretchable - in addition to high elasticity, this bandage also has a comprehensive adhesive effect for a non-slip fit even with patients lying down. Nevertheless, the bandage does not stick to the patient's skin and hair. The individual layers of the bandages also adhere very well to each other without slipping. The Idealast ideal bandage is a hit in the resting position as well as with very active patients. And it brings beautiful colors to the hospital. This article is convincing - as shown by the opinions of doctors and nurses.

          More information about Idealast Color cohesive bandages

          The Color cohesive bandage is very comfortable to wear, even at rest, and remains non-slip and breathable. This is made possible by the open structure of the bandage fabric. This high air permeability counteracts maceration of the skin just as well as heat accumulation through the tight bandage. The cohesive, permanently elastic bandage comes to you individually packaged and thus ensures comprehensive hygiene - whatever dressing you apply with this bandage. Idealast Color cohesive bandages are extremely versatile. In general, they provide medium-strong compression - no matter which bandage you choose.

          The application of Hartmann Idealast as a bandage includes ..

          • Bandages for the aftercare of venous diseases
          • Dressings for prophylaxis, support and relief dressings
          • a stable support bandage in the case of damage to the postural and locomotor system
          • a flexible sports bandage
          • good wound treatment as a compressing wound dressing
          • a stable ointment bandage
          • a beautiful bandage in color for wrapping splints

          Scope of delivery

          • Idealast Color cohesive bandage in red
          Service options: Medical supplies