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          ES Compresses

          Mull compresses with selvedges

          ES Compresses
          Order number: 175476
          Package: 50 Stück

          Selection: sterile, packed to 2 pieces, 5,0 x 5,0 cm

          €3.67 * gross
          (€0.07* / 1 Stück)
          €3.08 * net
          (€0.06* / 1 Stück)

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          ES Compresses

          ES-Kompressen are 17thread count compresses made of bandage mull per EN 14079-VM 17 with selvedges. As a classic bandaging material with a broad spectrum of applications it's impossible not to think about them in the wound care context.

          • good absorptive capacity
          • breathable
          • soft and supple
          • with folded-in sling edges
          • 17 thread count
          • the classic bandaging material
          • for a wide set of uses
          • color: white

          ES Compresses have good absorptive capacity, are breathable, soft and supple.

          thanks to the folded-in sling edges, the compresses can be unfolded several times to a larger size without having untidy threads hanging from the edges.

          Use-appropriate compresses and package sizes makes them always economical to use.

          Mull compresses with woven-in Telatrast x-ray contrast thread are available under the Telacomp name.

          Use for general wound care, especially for first aid on dirtied, infected and heavily seeping wounds, as dabs and as compresses in minor operative procedures.

          Further information

          Customer assessment ⦁ ES Compresses

          - 3 May 2013

          Was braucht man in der Praxis ?
          Funktionierende Produkte. Hier haben Sie eines gefunden. Diese Kompressen sind gut luftdurchlässig, saugstark und trottel auch beim Aufklappen zur Auflage...

          - 15 Jan 2013

          Kein Artikel, über den sich inhaltlich viele Worte verlieren lassen. Aber: Die Kompressen von Hartmann sind in der Verpackung (Fehler in der Verarbeitung zulasten der Sterilität) und in...

          - 21 Dec 2010

          Die Hartmann ES-Kompressen steril sind sehr saugfähig und praktisch in der Anwendung. Sie kommen in unserer Praxis sehr vielfältig zum Einsatz. Praktisch auch, weil zu 2 Stück...

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