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          Lohmann & Rauscher Gazin Bandaging Mull

          Bandage mull with many uses

          Gazin Bandaging Mull
          SKU: 180306
          Package: 5 m

          Selection: in dispenser, 5 m

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          Gazin Bandaging Mull from Lohmann & Rauscher

          • diaphragm, including retaining ring, to fit DocCheck stethoscopes (DocCheck Advance II and DocCheck Cardio III).
          • also works with other makers' prestige stethoscopes, such as KaWe and MDF
          Not suited for Littmann stethoscopes!

          Assembly tip

          Warm the retaining ring with a hair dryer to soften it and make it easier to mount.

          Be sure to mount the diaphragm and retaining ring the right way. The text on the diaphragm must not appear mirror-reversed. The thicker projection on the retaining ring has to be lodged in the chestpiece.

          Service options: Medical supplies
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