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          HARTMANN Absorbent Cotton

          Absorbent cotton for swabs, and similar uses

          SKU: 183870
          Package: 0.4 kg

          Selection: 400 g

          €7.01 inc. VAT*
          (€17.53 / 1 kg)
          €5.89 ex. VAT*
          (€14.73 / 1 kg)

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          Delivery 12 to 15 days

          The delivery will take place between the 02.08.2024 and 06.08.2024

          Absorbent Cotton from HARTMANN

          Cotton wool is basically a loose conglomeration of fibers or threads that create volume by adhering to each.

          The most usable cotton wool consists primarily of cotton or viscose or other soft material made up of synthetic fibers like polyester. It serves primarily cosmetic purposes, protection of the ear canal or for wound care (surgical cotton wool).

          Service options: Medical supplies