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          B. Braun Askina Sling Gauze Dabs

          Selvedge gauze dabs for stopping bleeding, wound cleaning and skin disinfecting

          Askina Sling Gauze Dabs
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          Askina Sling Gauze Dabs from B. Braun

          The Askina sling gauze swabs from BBraun are hygienic special compresses for wound care. Are can be used for wound disinfection wound cleaning or as alcohol disinfection wipes painless on the skin. For this purpose you only have to dip them into a skin disinfectant.

          Product details

          • Swabs for haemostasis, cleaning and disinfection
          • Made of gauze according to DIN 61630 VM 20, Ph. Eur.
          • 20-thread without X-ray contrast thread
          • 100 % cotton
          • Without X-ray contrast thread
          • 100 % chlorine-free bleached

          BBraun Askina Sling Gauze Swabs - Ready-to-use wound care for acute injuries

          The sling gauze swabs are made of gauze according to EN 14079-VM 20 and are manufactured from one piece of gauze. They are tightly looped so that all cut edges are securely inside the swab. They can be used as a substitute for disinfectant wipes and, soaked with the appropriate preparation on the affected skin area, can also be used for wound disinfection. In combination with a disinfectant, they have an antiseptic spectrum of activity, depending on the composition of the disinfectant. They have a high absorption capacity and are used for hemostasis, wound cleansing and large-area skin disinfection.

          BBraun Askina Sling Gauze Swabs - The Details

          Due to the flexible application possibilities, the swabs are particularly suitable for consultation needs. They can also be used for wounds with sensitive skin and are also suitable for allergy sufferers.
          If you use the swabs in combination with skin disinfectant, be sure to follow the instructions for use of the disinfectant.

          The swabs are available in different sizes and packaging quantities

          Scope of delivery

          • Slinggazetupfer in the selected size and quantity
          Properties: sterile
          Service Offer: Consulting Stuff

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