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          Lohmann & Rauscher Tube Bandage

          Seamless protection for fixation or as an underlay

          Tube Bandage
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          Tube Bandage from Lohmann & Rauscher

          Practical and time-saving tube bandage method, derived from the characteristics of seamlessly knit materials. Used to fix compresses in place, also for light compression

          • 10 Tube Bandage

          The tightly-woven and particularly skin-friendly tg-tube can be strechted up to four times its width and will snap back immediately. It is ideal for being applied next to skin.

          tg-bandages do not slip. They hug tightly without binding. The bandage remains pleasantly smooth even on cone-shaped body parts and on joint bends. From head to toe, there is no bandage that tg can't beat.

          tg tube bandages are also used for dermatological indications, over ointment or zinc paste bandages, as well as an underlayment for rigid plaster and synthetic bandaging.

          Seamlessly knitted from fine threads, white; 67% cotton, bleached, 33% viscose. Particularly skin-friendly, economical to use. If necessary, can be sterilized (A 121 °C).

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