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          Lohmann & Rauscher tg tubular bandage

          Close-meshed protection for fixation or as a downstand beam

          tg tubular bandage
          SKU: 180362
          Package: 20 m

          Size: 1 (finger, toe)

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          tg tubular bandage from Lohmann & Rauscher

          The tg tubular bandage is a multifunctional fabric that can be used for the fixation of wound dressings, as an underlay under plaster and cast bandages, for protection in skin diseases or for light compression. The seamless knitted material is stretchable in width and easy to cut to size. Therefore, the tricot tube can be applied with few wrinkles and is suitable for the production of individually adapted bandages for children and adults.

          Product details

          • Knitted tube for making a bandage
          • For the fixation of wound dressings, as underlay for plaster and compression bandages
          • Can also be used for skin protection and ointment therapies
          • Seamless close-meshed circular knitting
          • Can be cut to size
          • Skin-friendly and air-permeable
          • Can be applied with minimal folds, without constrictions
          • Stretchable in width
          • Size and application:
            Size 1: width: 1.4 cm; for finger, toe
            Size 2: width 2.3 cm; for finger, toe
            Size 3: width 3 cm; for several fingers, child's arm
            Size 5: width 5.5 cm; for arm, lower leg, child's leg
            Size 6: Width 6.5 cm; for arm, leg medium
            Size 7: Width 7 cm; for arm large, leg, child's head
            Size 9: Width 8.5 cm; for thigh large, head, armpit
            Size K1: Width 16 cm; for torso small
            Size K2: Width 21 cm; for torso large
          • Color: white
          • Material: 67 % cotton (bleached), 33 % backing: viscose (skin colored)
          • Length: 20 m, size K1 / K2: 10 m
          • Sterilizable with steam (121° C)
          • Rolled in dispenser box
          • Available in different sizes

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 package Lohmann & Rauscher tg tubular bandage in the selected size