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          HARTMANN Hartmann Stülpa-fix

          Elastic mesh tubular bandage for fixation dressings

          SKU: 175517
          Package: 25 m

          Size: 1 (Finger)

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          Hartmann Stülpa-fix from HARTMANN

          Stülpa-fix is a highly elastic, wide-meshed mesh-tube bandage for quick fixation of wound-dressings on all body parts. Even complicated bandages are easily applied with few hand-movements.

          Because of their high elasticity and good restoring force, Stülpa-fix bandages sit secure and wrinkle-free, without constricting; they do not slide or loosen.

          The fixation bandage does not need replaced when changing the wound-dressing.

          Stülpa-fix can be severed in any place and any direction, or notched, without further tearing or fraying.

          The high cotton-content ensures good skin-compatibility.

          Stülpa-fix is not sensitive to grease, balms, and sweat, and can be steam-sterilized. Instructions for the most common bandages are given in the included reference-brochure.

          Service options: Medical supplies
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